The Client

Alight is a brand made by Angel Angelov - a graphic design professional with a diverse background in the creative industries. His areas of expertise include graphic design, art and animation. He also has a passion about photography and videography.

The Problem

The main challenge was to create an eye-catching yet simple portfolio website that reflects his personality and showcases his work.

He also needed an intuitive solution for website content management with ease to use upload of large files.

The Process


Angel approached me with a presentation of his brand, personal values, interests. He had no specific design requirements about the website’s visual appearance except to fit with existing brand elements.

Main requirements included:

  • Reflect personality, values and career goals.
  • Present work in a professional manner to potential employers.
  • Boost online presence.
  • Find a suitable content management solution.


Agile principles and user-centred design were at the heart of the project.

The lack of clear requirements made me choose the Laravel framework. Reasons being high flexibility and the presence of various support tools allowing for rapid bespoke website development.

Although we tried to follow a structured development approach there were no concrete steps in the implementation. The front-end was made in a close collaboration, designed and developed at the same time while experimenting with new ideas.


As Angel is a visual person I built a bespoke CMS solution that closely resembled the fronend of the website.


Delivered was a fully responsive website and a CMS solution, hosted in the cloud.