Hello, I am

Vladimir Valkov.

A full-stack web developer and software engineer.

Been on a journey in the digital sector for over a decade

I am a digital enthusiast with many years industry experience and vast academic knowledge in the field of web development and computer science balancing between best practices and business constraints.

My passion for digital started in 2012 exploring both web design and development fields. At university I transitioned from designer to building front-end interfaces. Followed by a focus on back-end development and found my true passion - software engineering!

Today I have 7+ years experience in delivering web applications. Working in all stages of the software development process, my primary goal is to deliver high quality products allowing businesses to maximise the value they get from technology.

Providing expertise in every stage of the software development life cycle

I work in a fast-paced environment solving software development challenges - from product definition and technical design to build and delivery in the cloud.

📝 Define

Work with product owners to establish the feasibility of the software product idea. Define, refine, and prioritize software requirements based on their business goals and budget.

🎨 Design

Technical design based on software requirements from overall system architecture, database schema and web service integrations to definition of a development stack.

🚧 Develop

Develop software with performance, security and maintainability in mind. Following best practices in software engineering like design patterns and automated testing.

🚀 Deliver

Deliver softwate at scale by provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure including web servers, DNS, and data storage. Integrate software monitoring tools and perform upgrades.

Ooh... and forgot to mention

I am always excited to connect with new people about web development and software engineering!

Get in touch!